All About HondaLink and Staying Connected

HondaLink is an intuitive program that is here to change the way you hit the road. This innovative system allows your infotainment center and compatible smartphone to do more than the average model. Here is just a bit about what you can expect from the impressive HondaLink system.

Complimentary Services

As soon as you have HondaLink running in your new ride, you will have access to a range of features. This includes things like service appointment reminders and even roadside assistance. Whether you are heading to school or work, having this level of security will make that trip a success. Other complimentary services found in both the Basic and Link packages include:

  • Vehicle Guides
  • Favorites Systems
  • Vehicle Health Notifications and Reports

Available Packages

Now, there are three more packages available within the HondaLink program. Each of these costs a bit more than the last but come with some seriously impressive features. You can even start your car from the comfort of your home so that it is on and running by the time you get to your driveway. Here is a quick breakdown of the other HondaLink packages and a highlight they bring to the table.

  • HondaLink Security offers emergency call and enhanced roadside assistance.
  • HondaLink Remote offers find my car and stolen vehicle locator systems.
  • HondaLink Concierge offers an intuitive way to make reservations while on the go.

HondaLink Link System

The Link system comes with more vehicle health reports so that you know exactly how your ride is doing. This features even notifies you when maintenance is needed so that you don't ever miss an appointment. There are also additional navigational features. Drivers can save favorite locations in their navigation system and access them with ease whenever needed. These locations can also be sent between your car and your compatible smartphone.

HondaLink Security

Whether you are on the way to work or taking on a family road trip through Dallas, you deserve modern safety features. The HondaLink Security package comes equipped with driver assists that can help you at every turn. Take Automatic Collision Notification, for example. With this, a live agent will reach out and help during your troubled times. Other safety features available include:

  • Emergency Call
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
  • Driver Feedback

HondaLink Remote

HondaLink Remote is one of our shoppers' favorite packages. This allows your smartphone to transform into a digital remote for your Honda car or SUV. Get your ride started before leaving your home and enjoy a warm or cool cabin once you open the door. This is just the start of what the Remote package can do for you. Other features in HondaLink Remote include:

  • Find My Car
  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator

HondaLink Concierge

Finally, we have HondaLink Concierge. Whenever you hit the road for date night or have some exciting weekend plans, utilize HondaLink Concierge to set a reservation. This feature works for hotels, restaurants, and many other frequented locations. Confirmation and directions will even be sent to your vehicle after making your appointment.

Models Eligible for HondaLink

Eligibility for HondaLink differs throughout our new lineup and their trim levels. However, you should be able to get one of these packages on your new Honda car or SUV. Here is a quick list of some popular models that can offer one or more HondaLink packages.

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HondaLink is sure to change the way you commute for the better. All you need to do is download it on a compatible Honda car or SUV. Our professionals are always happy to help you through this process. Schedule your next service appointment online or visit our Honda dealership if you have any questions about HondaLink or other impressive offers. We look forward to working with you soon.

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