Honda Dealer near Baytown

When the sun is out and the temperature's high and rising, cooling off is going to be most people's priority. Getting into the water is a great way to cool down and have plenty of fun at the same time, so taking a trip to Pirates Bay Waterpark in your Honda is the perfect day out for you and your family.

You'll find Pirates Bay Waterpark at 5300 East Road, Baytown, Texas, just a couple of miles from the I-10 West. It's a fantastic place for those who live in and near Baytown who don’t want to have to go too far for a day out, and it's a family activity day that won’t break the bank either. There's a lot more to do there than just swim of course, so here are some of the activities you can enjoy while you're there.

Flowrider Surf Machine

The Flowrider creates a simulated wave for surfing that's powered by a jet engine, which simultaneously sucks water from a surrounding pool and pushes it out at a rate of around 40 miles per hour. This allows those aspiring surfers a chance to tame the waves in a safe environment, either by body boarding or standing. Beware though; this is wipeout territory so this isn't one for the faint hearted.

Tube Slides

No self-respecting waterpark would be complete without tube slides, and at Pirates Bay there are red ones that are open above and green ones that are fully enclosed. There's 300 feet of slides in total, which deposit you into a catch pool that's three and a half feet deep.

Long Lazy River

If white-knuckle water rides are not your thing, the long lazy river is 671 feet of pure relaxation you won’t want to get out of. It winds around half the park and it takes around five minutes for the flow to gently take you all the way to the end.

Whether you just go with your swimming gear and towels, or if you're the type to go loaded up with all sorts of gear, there's a Honda that's perfect for the job. For quick trips around the town or city the 2017 Honda Fit is the perfect city car with an amazing amount of interior space, or there's also the Pilot SUV for large families and all their gear.

Your local Honda dealer near Baytown is Honda of Clear Lake, so why not drop in if you’re in the area and see the sensational 2017 Honda vehicle range?