Your Best Choice for Adventure - The 2020 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake versus the Chevrolet Traverse

2020 Honda Pilot at Honda Clear Lake

When preparing for a weekend getaway, some plan out every detail, while others go with the flow. No matter what type of vacationer you are, there is one thing everyone needs when it comes to adventure, and that's the 2020 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake.

This SUV provides an incredible experience no matter where you are.

Without further ado, here's a comparison between the Pilot and the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse.

Safety features are the silent heroes of any vehicle, providing protection and awareness while you car-pool karaoke and look for the next pit stop. With the Pilot, safety is enhanced for those in the front thanks to height-adjustable seat belts. This provides a better fit to reduce injuries and encourage the use of safety belts, but the Traverse doesn’t offer this feature, making it difficult to get comfortable. Paired well with safety is vehicle reliability, and a report from Consumer Reports gives the Pilot 32 more points in reliability than the Traverse. Another aspect that makes the Pilot more reliable is the engine, which hosts a single overhead cam for simplicity, making the cylinder heads less complicated with fewer moving parts.

Comfortability and convenience are a top priority.

Aside from safety features, there are also additions to the Pilot that help with the little things, making comfortability and convenience a top priority. When you pull up to a toll booth or drive-up window, you won’t have to hold down a switch to lower the window. With a single touch, the driver and passenger windows will automatically open and close, so you don’t have to hold them the entire time. The Pilot also offers speed-sensitive wipers that automatically speed up when the vehicle does, eliminating the need for you to continually adjust them. Unfortunately, the Traverse doesn’t offer either of these features, which only adds to the stresses of your daily drive.

You won’t have to sacrifice anything when loading up the Pilot due to its 109 cubic feet of cargo space with the second seat folded (vs. 98.2 cu.ft. in the Traverse). With a third-row seat that folds flat into the floor, clearing even more space is fast and simple, but only on the Pilot as the Traverse doesn’t offer this feature either. If that still isn’t enough room for you, then don’t be afraid to use the Pilot’s towing capability of 3,500 pounds (vs. 1,500lbs) for any excess.

If you want more information about the 2020 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake, visit us this weekend at Honda of Clear Lake for a test-drive! Soon, you'll be off on an exciting adventure, showing off your brand-new Honda!