Why You Should Choose the 2018 Honda Civic in Clear Lake Over the Nissan Altima

When choosing between two vehicles, it can be hard in distinguishing one from another. Fortunately, the 2018 Honda Civic in Clear Lake has a slew of features that make it stand out from its competitor, the Nissan Altima. When set side by side, the Honda Civic exceeds in more ways than one. See for yourself...

Model Assortment

Variety is the spice of life, so why wouldn’t you want a couple of options when choosing your next vehicle’s body style? With the Altima, you only have the choice of a sedan style, but with Civic you can select between sedan, four-door hatchback, and even coupe! Whether your deciding factor is based on cargo space, passenger seating or excellent handling and stability, you can count on finding your perfect ride in the Honda Civic.

Engine Performance

The need for speed runs deep within the Civic, and that becomes clear when 158 horsepower comes standard on LX and EX models. For those who like a little more speed, the Civic sedan is also available with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This transmission provides an incredible 174 horsepower without having to sacrifice fuel efficiency. When put to the test, Car and Driver found that the Honda Civic is much faster than the Nissan Altima:



Zero to 100 MPH

16.9 sec

21.7 sec

Speed in 1/4 Mile

95 MPH

88 MPH

Top Speed

125 MPH

116 MPH

*As tested in Car and Driver the Honda Civic 1.5T is faster than the Altima 2.5 (automatics tested)

Passenger Space and Comfort

Having more rear leg and front shoulder room than the Altima, the Honda Civic boasts seating for five with an optional leather interior to provide a touch of sophistication to your average, everyday drive. Although both sedans offer heated front seats, only the Civic can also come standard with heated rear seats on the Touring Sedan and Sport-Touring models. With other features like an 8-way power driver’s seat and 15 cubic feet of cargo space, feel free to turn that day-trip into something more exciting.

Want to experience the 2018 Honda Civic in Clear Lake fully? Come on down to Honda of Clear Lake and test-drive your dream car, today!