Why Putting Off That Brake Job is Costing You Money

Your brakes have been squealing at you for a few weeks now, but the car still runs and drives and stops itself, and brake jobs are a little bit pricey, and you figure you'll wait until the next paycheck.

Or the one after that.

Or the one after that.

You're going to save some money by keeping those brake pads until the bitter end. Let nothing go to waste. Conserve.

Well, this is a good idea if you're talking about food, water, electricity, maybe even clothing. But when it comes to your brake pads, letting them squeal and squeal will eventually cost you a lot more money than it needs to. Here's why:

The Squealing Is a Warning

That squealing sound is not an accident. The brake pads are designed with a little metal tab in them, a tab whose only purpose is to make that terrible sound when the brake pads get low. Were it not for this tab, you wouldn't know your brake pads were worn out until they got all the way down to a metal-on-metal situation, which is a bad situation indeed. The squeaking is trying to save you money.


If, at some point, the squeaking turns to more of a grinding sound, that means that little squealing indicator tab has probably worn off, and you're now down to just metal-on-metal grinding, which is ruining your brake rotors and will eventually damage the calipers too.

Calipers are Costly

Brake pads are pretty inexpensive. Brake rotors can vary. And Calipers are pretty costly (relatively speaking). The pads are designed to wear out, but those other components can last the whole life of the car if the pads are changed at the right times. If not, you could be replacing all three, adding a lot of money to what could have been a simple brake job.

So if your brakes and yelling at you, bring your car in to Honda of Clear Lake, where our technicians will replace your brake pads and inspect your whole system to spot issues before they become big problems.