What You Need to Know - Comparing the 2019 Honda Civic Sedan in Clear Lake

There’s a lot to consider when you compare different vehicles, but it can be stressful having to travel to different dealerships and gather information. At Honda of Clear Lake, we’ve done all of the hard work, so all you have to worry about is which color to choose. Keep reading to learn about our most recent comparison, the 2019 Honda Civic Sedan in Clear Lake versus the 2019 Toyota Corolla...

Smooth Sailing Ahead

It’s difficult to say how smooth a ride is when you’re car shopping, which is why it’s important to test drive before you buy! When it comes to suspension and handling, the Honda Civic has fully independent front and rear suspension systems, allowing the best possible angle for gripping the road. Your comfort won’t be in jeopardy with this system, but the Corolla has a semi-independent rear suspension so the ride won’t be as smooth. Another feature missing on this Toyota is the Civic’s speed-sensitive variable-assist power steering, which can offer even more control during hard cornering and when traveling on the highway at high speeds. To make it a trifecta, the Civic’s drift compensation steering keeps you from drifting off course when the road conditions aren’t favorable; yet another incredible feature that you won’t have with Corolla.

Making You Commute Bearable

Mornings can be rough, but the Civic has convenient ergonomic features to make your work commute more bearable, one of them behind the standard remote vehicle starting system. You’ll be able to warm up the engine and get the cabin to your preferred temperature before even stepping out of the house. Once you’re on the road, if you need to pass through toll booths, or maybe need to hit a drive-thru for breakfast, the Civic’s front power windows will make that simple too. With just a single touch of the switch, you can completely open and close the window; long gone are the days of holding the switch and patiently waiting for your window to come up before taking off! Once you finally make it into work and you’re rushing to get out of the car, you won’t have to worry about starting the ignition if the windows are still down. You can close all of the windows on the Civic via the driver’s outside door handle, which can be a real time saver.

More Advanced Safety Features

We saved the best for last when comparing the Civic and Corolla, and that is the safety features. Although they have a lot in common like crash mitigating brakes, traction control, and daytime running lights, there are still significant differences between these two sedans. The first being the Civic’s smart airbags, which utilize speed and seat sensors to determine the amount of force needed when they’re deployed. This can save passengers from unnecessary injuries that are usually caused by airbags, especially children. And if it detects that a child is leaning against the door, the side airbags will shut off completely. The second noteworthy feature is the blind-spot mirrors, which use a wide-angle convex mirror to illuminate the driver's blind spot. Since these things come in threes, let’s move on to the final highlighted feature, HondaLink Assist. For whenever you are in an accident and are unable to call for help, the HondaLink Assist will use a GPS receiver and a cellular system to contact emergency personnel if the airbags deploy. None of these safety features are found on the Corolla, and when it comes to safety, the more features, the better, so it’s clear that the Honda Civic is the better choice in safety.

We laid out the facts, and it’s clear who wins this comparison, but if you still need convincing, then visit us at Honda of Clear Lake for a test drive! We look forward to hearing from you!