The Superior Sedan - Comparing the 2020 Honda Civic in Clear Lake

The 2020 Honda Civic in Clear Lake is a better compact car than you might think. You have the option to choose between a coupe, sedan, and hatchback, while each version provides its unique style. With plenty of technology and safety features, we are highlighting the Civic Sedan today and comparing it against the Hyundai Accent to see which vehicle is genuinely superior.

The Civic is well known for providing an incredible driving experience, and it’s able to do this by hosting fully independent front and rear suspensions. This allows the wheels to follow closer to the road for the best possible angle for gripping the pavement. Front and rear stabilizer bars also come standard, which aid in keeping the Civic flat and controlled during cornering, and speed-sensitive variable-assist power steering provides better control, low-effort parking, and a better feel for the road. The Accent can’t amount to this level of suspension and handling because it only has a semi-independent rear suspension, offers no stabilizer bars, and doesn’t have variable-assist power steering.

The suspension and handling features aren’t the only aspects of the Civic worth noting, as there is a slew of ergonomic systems that will make each drive in this Honda better than you could ever imagine. If you ever need to engage the power brake, all you’ll have to do is press a button, and it will automatically set or release. The Accent uses a lever-type parking brake, which requires the driver to lift to activate depressed to release strenuously. Upgrade to the Civic Touring, and you can enjoy a GPS navigation system that utilizes real-time traffic to plot your routes to avoid traffic problems. The Accent has a GPS navigation system as well, but it can’t offer real-time traffic updates.

There are other features to explore within the 2020 Honda Civic in Clear Lake, like Adaptive Cruise Control and a wireless charging system, but those are best experienced in person. Visit us at Honda of Clear Lake for a test-drive, and you’ll see how the Civic is a better option over the Hyundai Accent.