The Perfect SUV for You - The 2019 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake

If you want something sporty, luxurious, and safety minded, then you need to listen up! The 2019 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake is the perfect SUV for you, and we’ve got the facts to back it up. We made a little comparison between the Pilot and Buick Enclave so that you could get a broad perspective of each SUV...

Incredible Safety For Every Situation

There are a lot of things you have to be aware of while driving, like signs, pedestrians, and other vehicles, so any additional help is greatly appreciated. The Pilot’s Honda Sensing® technology alerts you to things you might otherwise miss while you’re trying to focus on the big picture. Features like the Collision Mitigation Braking System™ help prevent head-on collisions while the Lane Keeping Assist helps keep you in your lane (obviously). To further enhance the front passenger’s safety, the Honda Pilot’s seat belts are adjustable to accommodate people of different heights. This provides a better fit which helps prevent injuries better than regular seatbelts. The Buick Enclave doesn’t offer height-adjustable front seat belts. The Enclave also doesn’t offer all-wheel drive to handle icy and snowy roads, but the Pilot does! So tackle those roads when you take the family away for vacation this winter, the Pilot will handle the tough stuff.

Passenger Space and Interior Features

Upping the standard in passenger comfort is the Pilot once more! With one more available seat than the Enclave (8 vs. 7), the Pilot can fit your whole family and maybe even a couple of friends thanks to its multiple seat configuration options! To up the cabin comforts, you’ll find leather-trimmed seats throughout the Pilot, and an enhanced climate control system to keep everyone (even those in the back) at their perfect temperature. For trips that go beyond the city limit, the middle and third-row seats recline. You read that right. Now all passengers can kick back and relax on the next road trip.

Convenient Features For All

When you’re always on the go, little features can make a big difference during your daily grind. If you’re always making transactions out of the driver's seat, then you’ll love the one-touch power windows which will roll all the way up and down with a single push. Like most other SUVs out there, the Enclave’s front passenger window doesn’t automatically close with a single push. If your hectic day takes a turn to the darker and wetter side, the Pilot’s standard speed-sensitive wipers will speed up automatically when the vehicle does so there’s no need to do any manual adjusting.

All of these differences might not seem like much, but once you’re sitting pretty inside a 2019 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake, you’ll understand why the best choice for you is Honda. Visit Honda of Clear Lake for a test drive today, and discover even more incredible features for yourself!