The Future is Here - The 2018 Honda Clarity in Clear Lake

Finding the perfect vehicle is hard enough, but what happens when you finally see the best make and model for your lifestyle...only to then have to decide between three options? The 2018 Honda Clarity in Clear Lake is the specific vehicle we are referring to, but there is no need to worry! We’ve compiled the differences between all three models and then some. Keep reading to find out more about this futuristic vehicle.

More than One Option

When given three different vehicles, the first thing that is typically compared is the exterior. Each Clarity model shares dramatic LED lights and precise sculpting to move through wind more effectively. Under the hood is where the real difference begins to show in each Clarity. The Plug-In Hybrid combines both a powerful electric motor and gas-powered engine so you can cruise around town emission-free, or take the Clarity for a long distance trip. You won’t need to compromise in distance with the electric motor because of its class-leading 47-mile electric range. The Clarity Electric houses a smaller battery than most and will get you 89 miles on a single charge and with the DC Fast Charge, you can reach 80% battery in about 30 minutes. As for the Clarity Fuel Cell, unlike ordinary vehicles, the fuel cell hosts a hydrogen tank instead of a gas tank. This generates electricity as hydrogen reacts with oxygen in the air which powers the car without emitting carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions. The only byproduct of this power is water, and it has an EPA range rating of 366.

Tantalizing Technology

With excellent engine power comes superior technology, and the Honda Clarity is here to impress. If the electric range on these models isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, then the intuitive technology surely will. Tech like Smart Entry with Walk away Auto Lock® that lets you access the cabin without having to take out your keys, or the HondaLink® App that can remotely set your cabin temperature using Climate Preconditioning. The Clarity also hosts an 8-inch display audio touch screen with an 8-speaker system so you can enjoy a full cabin experience utilizing SiriusXM® Radio, Bluetooth® Streaming Audio, and HD radio.

Now that you know more about the different models of the 2018 Honda Clarity in Clear Lake, which one will you choose? Visit Honda of Clear Lake and experience the future, today!