The 2018 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake vs. the Dodge Durango

The great outdoors is calling, how will you answer? Hit “reply” by exploring it in the 2018 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake. Don’t be afraid to take it on solo or with your friends and family, there’s plenty of space for everyone, and the technology will surely impress. This sporty SUV has plenty of more features that make it the preferred choice over its competitor, the 2018 Dodge Durango. With the Honda Pilot, you’ll get:

Better Safety Features

Safety features are usually the number one concern when choosing your next car, as it should be. Rest easy knowing that the Honda Pilot has a slew of safety modifications that help keep you safe from multiple angles. A few of these features are adaptive cruise control, which supports the driver in maintaining a constant speed without the need to change it manually. If your vehicle begins to veer off course, the lane keeping assist will kick in, and steering will adjust to bring back to the center. The Durango doesn’t have either of these safety features. The Pilot also has more modest features like blind spot sensors and a multi-angle rearview camera to make sure you’re completely covered.

Better Braking Ability

Brake performance isn’t something you would typically compare between vehicles, but you should. When put to the test, the 2018 Honda Pilot was able to stop more than just a couple of inches sooner than the Dodge Durango:



70 to 0 MPH

180 feet

190 feet

Car and Driver

60 to 0 MPH

119 feet

142 feet

Motor Trend

60 to 0 MPH (Wet)

153 feet

160 feet

Consumer Reports

More Comfortable and Entertaining

Treat the whole cabin to a stylish and comfortable ride with optional leather-trimmed seating for eight, and a tri-zone climate control system to keep all of your passengers at their perfect temperature. The Durango can only seat seven. For when the trip gets a bit boring, you can also opt for the Pilot to have an HDMI port for gaming, and a 9 inch rear entertainment system with DVD and Blu-ray capabilities. With all of this tech, you might have trouble getting everyone to step out of the SUV.

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