Picking the 2018 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake over the Toyota 4Runner

If you need an SUV that can handle anything from soccer practice to cello lessons and everything in between, the Honda Pilot in Clear Lake has what it takes to keep everyone entertained, comfortable, and safe. When compared to its competitor, the Toyota 4Runner, the Pilot excels in more ways than one.

Handling and Stability

When you can feel every bump, crack, and uneven part of the street, over time it can become unbearable. With the Pilot, two entirely independent suspension systems work together to reduce shakiness and provide you with a smoother ride. And for when the road goes from bumpy to slippery, count on the Honda Pilot to help keep you on the straight and narrow with its drift compensation steering. The 4Runner doesn’t offer this feature, nor does it have an independent rear suspension system.

Cargo Capacity

Packing everything but the kitchen sink was impossible until the Honda Pilot came along. Without affecting passenger space, the Pilot offers more cargo space than the 4Runner, making it a lot easier when deciding if you should bring along that extra suitcase. Behind the third seat alone gives you 9.5 more cubic feet than the 4Runner, and with the option to fold the second and third-row seats completely, you can get up to 109 cubic feet of space, versus Toyota’s 89.7.



Behind Third Seat

18.5 cubic feet

9 cubic feet

Third Seat Folded

55.9 cubic feet

46.3 cubic feet

Second Seat Folded

109 cubic feet

89.7 cubic feet


You’ll never be short of entertainment in the Honda Pilot. For those sitting in the back seat, there’s a nine-inch entertainment system that can play your favorite DVD’s including Blu-ray! With other features like five USB ports, three 12-volt outlets, and one 115-volt outlet, you’ll never be short of power. As the Pilot is keeping everyone entertained, it’s also keeping them safe with its lane departure and blind spot warning technology. The 4Runner doesn’t offer these two features.

Want to learn more about the 2018 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake? Come on down for a test drive today, and discover more incredible features at Honda of Clear Lake!