More Reliable Than Ford - The 2019 Honda HR-V in Clear Lake

Reliability is the most important aspect of any vehicle, saving you time, money, and reducing stress. When you compare the Civic and Escape, Honda proves to be the best in this department. In a 2018 survey from J.D. Power and Associates, owners of three-year-old vehicles provided statistics that show Honda vehicles are much more reliable than Ford. With a ranking of 12th in reliability, Ford comes in at 16th, and Consumer Reports rates the HR-V 13 points higher in reliability than the Escape as well. A feature that makes the HR-V so dependable is that the engine has a single overhead cam. This aids in simplicity as an engine with dual overhead cams like the Escape adds complexity and increases the number of moving parts.

While it is nice to know how quickly a vehicle can go from zero to sixty, wouldn’t you also like to know how quickly it can stop? We put these two compact SUVs to the test in both wet and dry settings, and it was easy to see that the HR-V stops much shorter than the Escape.

Thus far, we have proven that the HR-V is more reliable and safer than the Escape, but this Honda also has a few more economic advantages you’ll love. Owning the HR-V will cost you less in the long run due to its superior resale value. It is estimated by IntelliChoice that the HR-V will retain 47.71% to 48.19% of its original price after five years. The Escape only retains 41.72% to 45.81%. When comparing operational costs, The Car Book by Jack Gillis shows that it costs $108 less to do suggested maintenance for 50,000 miles. It also costs $268 less for a timing belt and $167 less for a power steering pump.

As icing on the cake, IntelliChoice also estimates the five-year ownership costs of the HR-V will be $5244 to $6663 less than for the Ford Escape. What would you do with that extra cash saved? If you want to know more about the 2019 Honda HR-V in Clear Lake, give us a call or visit us for a test-drive. We hope to see you soon!