More Convenient Than the Soul - Comparing the 2020 HR-V in Clear Lake

Don’t take a good vehicle for granted; when you need a compact SUV that’s safe, convenient, and better for you financially, there’s only one to consider, and that’s the 2020 HR-V in Clear Lake. This vehicle can do it all for the go-getters of the world and has proven to be a better choice over other competitors. Don’t believe us? Continue reading to see how the HR-V is the better choice over the Kia Soul.

Safety is not a “one size fits all” kind of concept, and while the HR-V and Soul share a couple of features like height-adjustable seat belts, rearview cameras, and crash mitigating brakes, the Soul comes up short on the following aspects. In the HR-V, you’ll find smart airbags that can be deployed at different force levels to protect passengers of a variety of sizes better. The HR-V will go a step further and shut off the side airbags if it detects a child leaning against the door. The Soul’s airbags will always deploy at full force no matter the circumstances. Another feature missing on the Soul is all-wheel drive, which is available on the HR-V. This will give you, as the driver, more control under poor road conditions, so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip.

Convenient features are often taken for granted, and when you have a vehicle like the Kia Soul that comes up short in this department, you won’t want to travel in anything but the HR-V. With a single touch, the HR-V’s power brake can be set or released, or it can be entirely automatic. And when you’re pulling up to toll booths or drive-thrus, the HR-V’s driver front window will open and close completely with a single touch of the switch. The Soul only has a lever-type parking brake that has to be physically raised to engage, and if you need to close the driver’s window, you’ll need to hold down the switch to fully close it.

Aside from the ergonomic advantages, the HR-V also has economic features to make owning this Honda better for your wallet. The HR-V has a much better resale value by retaining 54.9% to 57.77% of its original price after five years. The Soul only retains 51.64% to 54.15%. Operational expenses are lower on the HR-V as well, with suggested maintenance every 50,000 miles being $210 less than the Soul. And when it comes to typical repairs, you’ll spend $122 less for fuel injection, $149 less for a timing belt/chain, and $214 less for a power steering pump.

If you’re still not convinced, visit us for a test-drive at Honda of Clear Lake. We have taken every CDC precaution to keep you safe when choosing your next vehicle, so give us a call if you have any questions about our new protocols, and feel free to visit our website for more information about the 2020 Honda HR-V in Clear Lake.