March Maintenance - Don’t Miss These 5 Service Shots in Clear Lake

A lot goes on during the month of March, but the most important thing is that it marks the beginning of spring! Just as you would get your Honda ready for colder weather, there are specific maintenance needs for when it gets warmer. So to help with the madness of March, we narrowed down some specials to the final five service shots in Clear Lake that you’ll need for spring!

Tire rotations are not something you should consider a one and done. A considerable factor in safety and maintenance, tire rotations provide a much smoother and safer ride by evenly wearing down the tire's surface. The tires on the front and rear axle wear down differently, so when you have them rotated, it allows the same tire to serve the front and back equally. Tire rotation also saves you money because it makes them last longer so you won’t have to replace them as often. At Honda of Clear Lake, we have a tire rotation and balance special that can save you ten dollars when you print out our coupon, just don’t forget to bring it in!

The timing belt is something that drivers don’t typically think of often, but if you don’t have it regularly replaced, it can be a real bracket buster. Now is the perfect time to get it replaced at Honda of Clear Lake because we have a special that can save you $75 with another handy coupon! If you don’t think this is something you need done, then you might want to consider the benefits of having it replaced. With a brand new timing belt, you can experience increased horsepower and better gas mileage, as well as a lower repair cost if your belt breaks. This can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs because of damages incurred, so save yourself the frustration and money by taking care of it now.

If you’re the type of car owner that waits until the last possible second to get the fluids replaced in your vehicle, then you need to get out of the motto, “survive and advance.” Having your transmission and coolant fluid regularly replaced keeps your car in tip-top shape, and prevents you from ending up on the side of the road with an overheated engine. So if you need any Honda genuine fluid service, save five bucks with the coupon on our website. Keep the savings rolling by also getting a free multi-point visual inspection and battery load test when you bring in your Honda!

The final service shot to get you ready for spring, is a $99.95 All-Wheel Alignment. Driving with a bad alignment can cause multiple problems, like lower fuel efficiency, uneven driving, and wear and tear of other vehicle parts. Once your tires are aligned, you can expect smoother driving with zero drift, as well as increased safety with tires that last for miles to come.

If you want to access all of these incredible savings, then check out our website and print out all 5 Service Shots in Clear Lake from Honda of Clear Lake. We’ll see you soon!