Make Sure You’re Ready for Anything - Preparing Your Honda for Holiday Travel

The holiday season means lots of food and quality time with family, and long road trips to see said family. When getting ready to hit the open road, planning out packing lists can help relieve the stress of preparing, but another thing you need to consider is preparing your Honda for holiday travel. We made it easy for you and highlighted essential services to note when you take your Honda in for service, so here are a few tips to consider before hitting the road...

Bring Your Honda to Honda of Clear Lake

Traveling throughout the year can cause strain on your vehicle, and each season provides its own unique challenges. Tire pressure is one thing to monitor, as it can lower due to temperature changes. Underinflated tires are a significant safety hazard, so keep an eye out for any sign of low tire pressure. Another equally important car function to check is the brakes. You don’t want to discover any flaws in your brakes when you’re out on the road, so make sure to have them inspected and replaced if necessary. As you travel, you also may encounter rain, sleet, and snow so it would be wise to have your wiper blades replaced, so they’re up for the challenge. Other things to check during a service appointment are your lights, oil, and battery, so make an appointment today, so you’ll be ready for what’s ahead tomorrow.

Create an Emergency Kit and Check Your Insurance

No one wants to image the worst possible scenario, but it’s always wise to be prepared. Make sure you have an emergency kit ready to go containing road flares, flashlights, water, blankets, and of course tools to change a flat tire! Also, a first-aid kit would prove to be useful to treat small bumps, cuts, and bruises so you wouldn’t have to waste time finding a drug store. Another thing you should consider is checking your car insurance for roadside assistance. There are only so many emergencies you can handle yourself, and having roadside assistance can help immensely help when you’re stuck in an area you’re not familiar with.

So remember to be smart when traveling this winter and plan ahead by preparing your Honda for holiday travel. Make an appointment with our service department at Honda of Clear Lake so you can hit the road knowing that your Honda can handle anything in its way.