Items you should always keep in your car

Items to keep in your car

Every driver on the road should be prepared for minor emergencies. This includes keeping the right items and gear in your car at all times. The experts at your local Honda of Clear Lake Service Center are here to walk you though the things to keep in your car, and how to put together the best emergency car kit.

There are a few car essentials that you want to keep in the vehicle every time you drive. These are items to use in case you find yourself broken down or in need of a quick and minor repair. However, there are a few critical items you want to keep on hand for your own safety and comfort as well. The experts at Honda of Clear Lake want to walk you through a short list of 10 items to always keep in your vehicle at all times.

  1. Battery Cables- Battery cables are essential for jump starting a dead battery or helping another motorist in need. Keeping a set of battery cables in your vehicle will save you time and money having to request roadside assistance.
  2. Flares or Reflectors- Keep freestanding reflectors or flares in the vehicle in the case that you are broken down on the side of the road. Large objects on the side of the road end up easy targets if you are not visible. Use these reflectors and flares day or night, regardless of weather conditions.
  3. Water- Keep water in the vehicle. It can be used for drinking, in the cooling system of the vehicle, for quick cleaning, or a variety of other things. A few water bottles or a gallon jug will store easily in your trunk or cargo area.
  4. First Aid- Premade first aid kits are readily available at department and drug stores. You will want to carry band-aids, disinfectant spray or alcohol, gauze pads or cotton, pain aids, and anything else you consider important. Sunscreen or spare inhalers may be important to some people as well.
  5. Flashlight- Flashlights are critical for roadside repairs, finding something, gaining emergency services or other motorists attention, and many other practical uses. Keep a flashlight in the vehicle, and do not forget to pack extra batteries. There are also hand-crank and rechargeable flashlights available as alternatives.
  6. Tool Kit- A basic took kit with wrenches and sockets can come in handy for minor repairs and emergencies. You should also make sure you have basics like a jack and lug nut wrench for your tires. You may also want to keep a set of gloves, duct tape, pliers, and a hammer in the kit.
7. Towels- Paper towels, terry cloths, old t-shirts, or old dirty kitchen towels all make for great spares to keep in your car. You never know when you have to check your oil, wipe up a spill, need help to grip something, or need a buffer against something hot.
8.Blanket- Blankets can help if you are ever broken down and need to stay warm. However, they can play a much for versatile role as well. They can give you something to lay or kneel down on while on the side of the road and help protect your interior for example.
9. Tire Repair Kit- Tire repair kits are more important if you do not have a spare tire. These repair kits typically include a sealant for leaks, and a 12-volt air pump that you can inflate your tire with once it is repaired. You may also choose a tire plug kit, which you may have to train yourself to use beforehand.
10. Knife- Keep a pocket knife or other type of blade in your car. It can come in handy when you least expect it.

The experts at Clear Lake Honda would like to remind you that the number one cause of issues on the road come from mismanagement of a vehicle. Make sure you keep up with your maintenance schedule, stay on top of oil changes, monitor your tire pressure and condition, and pay attention to how your car drives, sounds and feels. Service your vehicle with at your local Honda Service Center regardless of its make and model, and you may never have to break out your emergency items for an actual emergency.