It’s That Time Again - Comparing The 2019 Honda CR-V in Clear Lake

Like clockwork, we’ve been comparing the 2019 Honda CR-V in Clear Lake to a variety of other car brands to prove why Honda is the best when it comes to compact SUV’s, and this month is no different. Now, we are going to compare it against the Ford Edge, another consumer favorite in the car buying world, so kick up your feet a read on to draw your own opinions about today's topic.

Safer and More Reliable

In a front crash test conducted by the IIHS, the CR-V earned a score of 6 points, and the Collision Mitigation Braking System earned a rating as “Superior” whereas the Edge only received a score of 1 point and has a “Basic” rating. On top of having an incredible rating by the IIHS, the CR-V’s EX, EX-L, and Touring models come standard with a driver alert monitoring system. This can detect when there’s an inattentive driver and will sound a warning to suggest a break. This can help reduce the already staggering number of 100,000 crashes and 1500 deaths caused by drivers who fall asleep. Paired well with its safety features, is the CR-V’s reliability, which saves you time, money, and trouble in the long run. In a survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates’, Honda owners provided long-term dependability statistics, which proved that they were more reliable than Ford vehicles. Honda has a ranking of 12th in reliability by J.D. Power, which is above the industry standard, while Ford is ranked 16th.

Convenience For Every Drive

If the driver happens to leave the windows open when exiting the CR-V, they won’t have to worry about starting up the engine again just to close them because the driver can do just that at the door handle. Or, if they’re already walking away, they can also close them via keyless remote; the Edge isn’t capable of operating the windows with the ignition off, so you’re tied to the engine if you need to roll them down or up. The CR-V also aids in preventing vandalism by having a standard locking fuel door which only the driver can unlock, so the fear of someone putting sugar in your gas tank or stealing your fuel is out of your mind. Another test conducted by the IIHS is the headlight’s range for both straight ahead and in curves to determine the amount of glare seen by other drivers. The CR-V’s headlights earned a rating of “Acceptable” while the Edge attained a less than appealing “Poor.”

Innovative Interior Features

Finding your sweet spot as a driver is easy thanks to the 12-way power seats, which includes 4-way lumbar support and a memory function so you’ll never lose your favorite position. The front passengers won’t feel left out because they can enjoy a 4-way power seat as well, providing ultimate comfort for all. Other interior features include leather-trimmed seats throughout the cabin, innovative and assistive technologies, and a display touch screen to showcase your favorite apps and music services.

There are many more reasons why the 2019 Honda CR-V in Clear Lake is a better choice than the Ford Edge, but why don’t you discover them for yourself? Come on by for a test-drive at Honda of Clear Lake, and drive off in your dream SUV today!