In a League of its Own - The 2019 Honda Passport in League City, Texas

As we still try to wrap our heads around the new 2019 Honda Passport in League City, Texas, more incredible features keep being discovered, making it indeed a vehicle in a league of its own. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see how it stacks up against the 2019 Kia Sorento; you’ll be surprised about what comes to light.

The Passport does more than the Sorento when it comes to protecting the environment. While you’re out exploring the countryside, this Honda can shut down half of the engine’s cylinders to improve fuel efficiency. And if you get caught in a small town or big city traffic, the Passport’s engine will automatically turn off when you come to a stop. But don’t worry, it will automatically kick back on when you’re ready to move again. When you finally need to fill up the tank, you won’t need to mess with a gas cap because the Passport is cap-less! Sure that’s convenient, but this feature also helps reduce fuel evaporation (which causes pollution) by automatically opening and closing when the fuel nozzle is inserted and removed. The Sorento doesn’t offer an automatic start/stop system, cap-less fueling, or an engine system to shut down half of its cylinders.

Standard features found on the Passport add to your driving experience, making it less stressful and more convenient, but none of these ergonomics are on the Sorento. When the weather starts to cool, and frost becomes a problem (or mist during the warmer months) you can utilize the side window demisters for clearing the side windows. Like any sound A/C system found in the home, the Passport’s automatic temperature control can maintain the temp you set by automatically adjusting the vents, temperature, and fan speed. If you upgrade to the Passport Touring and Elite models, you won’t have to battle traffic jams alone. The GPS navigation system found on these two models has a real-time traffic update features, and can even provide alternative routes to avoid traffic issues.

Similar to how certain shoes can affect your performance, the type a tire on a vehicle can significantly influence traction and handling. With a larger tire than the Sorento (245/50R20 vs. 235/65R17), the Passport can offer better traction. These 20-inch wheels also provide a better overall ride and brake cooling than the Sorento’s 17-inch wheels. Along with this, the tires also have a lower 50 series profile (height to width ratio) on the Sport and EX-L models. This provides a stiffer sidewall for better handling. There’s also no more guessing when inflating the tires on the Passport because it has an easy tire fill system that will alert the driver when they’re inflated to the correct pressure.

Now that you can see we’re not blowing smoke, you can trust us when we say there are even more features on the 2019 Honda Passport in League City, Texas! Just give us a call or swing by Honda of Clear Lake for a test-drive. We hope to see you soon!