Honda of Clear Lake - Honda vs. Buick - Comparing The 2018 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake

Battling it out this week for the title of “Best SUV” is the Honda Pilot and Buick Enclave! These two vehicles have a plethora of differences, so how should you determine which is best? Which one has more space, or better convenient features for the daily drive? We did all of the hard work for you by getting down to the nitty-gritty and finding these differences, so grab a snack, sit back, and keep reading to learn more about why the Honda Pilot will be your next SUV.

More Safety Features and Better Handling

When deciding between vehicles, if your primary concern is safety then the Honda Pilot is the obvious choice over the Enclave. To further enhance the safety features of the Pilot, the front seat belts are height adjustable to provide a more comfortable position for passengers of different heights. Providing a better fit will help prevent injuries when there’s an accident and encourage passengers to buckle up. The Buick Enclave doesn’t offer height-adjustable front seat belts, nor does it offer all-wheel drive, unlike the Pilot. With all-wheel drive, you will have more traction when faced with challenges from the elements, particularly in ice and snow. Along with all-wheel drive, the Pilot offers drift compensation steering, that can help keep the vehicle from drifting side to side. Now you can explore down uncharted roads without worrying about the conditions.

More Space for Everyone and their Gear

With seating for eight and reclining middle and third-row seats, you don’t have to worry about taking the whole family on a road trip in the Pilot. The leather-trimmed seating and tri-zone climate control will make sure everyone is comfortable throughout the cabin, while you focus on the road ahead. Sitting in the driver’s seat, you’ll be able to utilize the 8-inch touch-screen that has Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, while navigating the open terrain with the available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. Besides having more passenger space than the Enclave, the Pilot also has 11.5 more cubic feet of cargo space with the second seat folded down, and even the third-row seats fold completely flat into the floor for more space if necessary.

Incredible Ergonomics

When you take a look a the ergonomics between the Pilot and Enclave, once again, Honda comes out on top. For astonishing convenience, as the vehicle’s speed increases so do the standard speed-sensitive wipers, so there’s no need to adjust the speed of the wipers manually. When pulling up to drive-thru windows or toll booths, just a single touch of the switches will open and close the Pilot’s windows making each stop more efficient. One thing that always seems to withstand the test of time and maturity is pranking. Have peace of mind knowing that no one will put sugar in your gas tank due to the locking fuel door with remote release only accessible to the driver. The Enclave doesn’t host any of these convenient features, so hopefully, no one will play any dirty tricks on you in the future…

If you would like to know more about the 2019 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake, then visit us at Honda of Clear Lake for a test drive today. Trust us, it will be time well spent.