Go Home for the Holidays in the 2020 Honda CR-V in Clear Lake

Heading home for the holidays can be more complicated than you might think. With presents for the family’s big gift exchange, trying to fit everyone in the cabin, and battling challenging weather, you will need a vehicle that can handle it all. Thankfully for you, this vehicle does exist, and it is known as the 2020 Honda CR-V in Clear Lake. If you don’t believe us, keep reading to see why this Honda is a better choice over most competitors like the 2020 Dodge Journey.

When you’re taking turns behind the wheel, you won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the seat for your perfect position, because, on the EX-L and Touring models, you’ll have access to two different memory seat settings. These models also come with an easy entry system that glides the driver’s seat back when the vehicle is unlocked, or engine switched off. Neither of these features is offered on the Journey. To keep a safe following distance on the highway, the CR-V has Adaptive Cruise Control, which can alter the vehicle’s speed without the driver lifting a finger. This will help you maintain a safe following distance, even when traffic starts to change speed. As a final touch, the CR-V lets you charge personal devices wirelessly with the Touring’s phone charging system in the center console. The Journey doesn’t offer an adaptive cruise control or wireless charging system so that you can kiss those two conveniences good-bye.

With a much larger cargo capacity of 39.2 cubic feet (vs. 10.7), the CR-V can hold more gifts for the family than the Dodge Journey, and when you fold down the rear seat, this Honda is still more spacious with 75.8 cubic feet of space versus 67.6 cubic feet. Loading and unloading the CR-V is also easier due to its low lift-over hatch height of 26 inches, while the Journey’s lift-over height is 30.8 inches. As icing on the cake, on the EX-L and Touring models, you can utilize the power liftgate that will automatically open and close with just pressing a button. The Touring model can do this via button or by kicking your foot under the back bumper, completely leaving your hands free.

With other features like smart airbags, all-wheel drive, and HondaLink Assist, the 2020 Honda CR-V in Clear Lake is your best choice of vehicle when traveling home for the holidays. If you want more info or are ready for a test-drive, visit us at Honda of Clear Lake for a test-drive. We hope to see you soon!