Fulfilling Your Dreams in Clear Lake

At Honda of Clear Lake, we have more than just an award-winning dealership with award-winning Hondas, we have dreamers. What does that mean exactly? In today’s topic, we’re going to talk about a mural that always tells everyone who walks into our dealership to fulfill your dreams in Clear Lake.

The power of dreams is an incredible thing, and we wanted to convey that message to everyone throughout the Houston area. So we reached out to the Clear Creek High School Art Department, and they sent over five members to help us create the Dream Wall. No direction was given as the students went to work creating a message for all to enjoy, and after multiple hours and a lot of paint, this was the end result:

Dream Wall

With only the motivation of “fulfilling your dreams,” these five high school students were able to create a masterpiece that will live on for many years, letting everyone know the Honda of Clear Lake motto. Our Managing Partner Tom Tyrrell says it best, “At Honda of Clear Lake, we believe in the power of dreams.”

So when you visit Honda of Clear Lake for your next vehicle, whether it’s a Pilot for the family or a Civic for yourself, take a picture in front of our Dream Wall to let the world know that Honda believes in the power of your dreams.