Waste Any More Time! - Comparing the 2020 Honda Civic in Clear Lake

With the new year in full swing, it’s time for a new set of comparisons and new models to highlight. So without wasting any more time, read on to learn why the 2020 Honda Civic in Clear Lake is a better vehicle choice over the 2020 Kia Forte.

Riding or driving the Civic will prove to be more advantageous than if you chose the Forte, and there are more than just a couple of factors influencing this. Having a fully independent front and rear suspension on the Civic will provide the driver with the best possible angle for gripping the road without sacrificing comfort. Paired with that is the Civic’s drift compensation steering to keep the vehicle from drifting when the roads become tricky. The Forte doesn’t have drift compensation steering and only hosts a semi-independent rear suspension, making handling and stability a bit trickier for the Kia. Also, the construction of the Civic will prove to be beneficial when parking in tight spaces due to it being 4.8 inches shorter than the Forte.

Another advantage in choosing the Civic over the Forte are the incredible safety features Honda has to offer. Smart airbags fill the cabin of the Civic, which can deploy at different levels of force depending on passenger size and vehicle speed. The Civic’s plastic fuel tank can also withstand more force, unlike the Forte’s metal gas tank which has a higher chance of leaking when damaged. And in the unfortunate case where you are in an accident, the Civic has you covered with HondaLink Assist found on the Sport Sedan, Sport Coupe, EX, EX-L, and Touring models. By utilizing a GPS receiver and cellular system, this safety feature can send emergency personnel to your exact location if the airbags deploy. This is particularly helpful if you can’t call for help right away, saving you precious time.

What makes the Civic so convenient, is that is has a variety of features to assist with the little and big things in life. Once you experience features like an automatic temperature control system that automatically maintains the temp you set, or the standard GPS navigation system, it’s hard to imagine driving without them. Another cool aspect is that the Civic comes in three different models. With the choice of coupe, sedan, and four-door hatchback styles, you won’t have to compromise.

There is more to discover from the 2020 Honda Civic in Clear Lake, but that is best done in person. So visit us this weekend at Honda of Clear Lake for a test-drive, or you can give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. We hope to see you soon!