Deciding Between the 2019 Honda Insight in Clear Lake or the Chevrolet Volt

With hybrid vehicles gaining popularity, we decided to compare the 2019 Honda Insight to the 2019 Chevrolet Volt. Both claim to be incredibly innovative, but one does stand out above the other. Keep reading to learn why the 2019 Honda Insight in Clear Lake is going to be a contender the next time you’re car shopping.

Better Protection Throughout

Honda Sensing® comes standard on every Insight, but there are even more incredible safety features outside of this suite of safety and driver assistive technologies. The Honda Insight utilized speed and seat sensors in their smart airbags, so they deploy with different levels of force. That way, all passengers of various sizes and in different collisions are adequately protected by the airbags instead of hurt by them. Of course, the airbag was developed for our protection and safety, but they can also be responsible for many severe injuries of the neck and spine. These injuries are rare, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing that the Insight has advanced technology to protect you in the case of an accident better? The Chevrolet Volt’s airbags always deploy at full force, so you do run the risk of dealing with injuries caused by an excessively forceful airbag. The front seats also have height-adjustable shoulder belts that can provide a better fit and increase comfort while preventing injuries even more than non-adjustable ones.

Get a Better Grip on the Road

A beautiful and efficient hybrid that provides incredible handling; what more could you want in a new car? The Insight has a fully independent rear and front suspension system which allows the wheels to better grip the pavement without having to compromise ride comfort. The Insight also has front and rear stabilizer bars to help keep the vehicle flat and controlled when you hit those corners. For when the roads get a little tricky, you won’t have to worry about drifting because of the drift compensation steering to help you keep on the straight and narrow.

Incredible Amenities

For when nasty weather approaches, the Insight is prepared to help make your drive more convenient with the Touring’s standard automatic adjustable wipers. They can automatically adjust their speed as well as turn on and off according to the amount of rainfall sensed on the windshield. The outside mirrors also include standard heating elements for better visibility should they ever get foggy; this feature costs extra on the Chevy Volt. For a comfortable cabin, the Touring model comes standard with dual zone air conditioning, so those in the front can choose their separate temperatures, a feature that’s also lost on the Volt.

If you still need convincing after all of this information, visit us at Honda of Clear Lake to test drive the 2019 Honda Insight in Clear Lake, today!