Crossover to the Wild Side in the 2018 Honda HR-V in Clear Lake

Add more excitement to your life whether you travel the countryside or city streets by exploring that new territory in the 2018 Honda HR-V in Clear Lake. This crossover provides more than just a comfortable ride, and when compared to the 2018 Nissan Kicks, you’ll see why Honda is going to be your next choice when shopping for a new car.

Ultimate Safety and Control

For maximum traction in the worst weather, the Honda HR-V offers all-wheel drive to give the driver more control in bad weather, like ice and snow. Paired with all-wheel drive is Vehicle Stability Assist™ with traction control which can help keep you on the road if you find yourself losing a bit of control. The Kicks doesn’t offer all-wheel drive. With all of this control and assistive technology, the HR-V also houses a high strength steel body to aid in protecting passengers during an accident, and daytime running lights to help make yourself more visible to oncoming traffic.

Passenger Space and Navigation

When charting unknown territory, it can take a while to find where you need to go, and passengers can get a little rowdy and uncomfortable on long journeys. The HR-V has 6.2 cubic feet more passenger volume than the Nissan Kicks, and the rear seats can recline to provide incredible comfort for your passengers. To save some time on those road trips, the HR-V comes standard with a GPS navigation system on the EX-L model. Able to direct the driver from any location to any street address, this navigation system also has real-time traffic updates that can offer alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. The Kicks doesn’t provide a navigation system.

Smart Technology

As technology gets smarter and develops new looks left and right, the HR-V leads the way with smart touch features that make this crossover’s interior convenient for all. The display audio interface puts everything within reach of your fingertips like navigation, climate control features and more, providing you with ultimate convenience with a sleek appearance. Simple features can be just as awe-inspiring, like the one-touch power moonroof that can give you and your passengers a bit of fresh air, or an incredible view.

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