Comparing The 2019 Honda Pilot in League City, TX Against The Dodge Durango

Battling it out in today’s topic is the 2019 Honda Pilot in League City, TX, and the Dodge Durango. Both are top-rated vehicles, but only one is superior. So take a break from your regular schedule, and read this article for in-depth details explaining why Honda makes better SUV’s than Dodge.

More Room For Family, Friends, and Everything Else

Sure, SUV’s are big and supposed to fit the whole family and then some. But did you know that you can fit eight passengers in the Pilot versus the Durango’s seven? On top of that, this Honda also has a larger passenger volume of 152.9 cubic feet (vs. 140.3), so everyone throughout the cabin will have plenty of space to get comfortable. And to help with those long trips, the middle and third-row passengers have the option to recline their seats for unlimited comfort. Even though there is an ample amount of space for your passengers, you’ll find there’s still plenty of room for all of their luggage as well:



Behind Third Seat

18.5 cubic feet

17.2 cubic feet

Third Seat Folded

55.9 cubic feet

43.3 cubic feet

Second Seat Folded

109 cubic feet

85.1 cubic feet

Stay In Control

Having stabilizer bars keeps your vehicle flat and controlled when cornering, and although the Durango has one in the rear, it can’t stand up to the Pilot which has two, one in the front and one in the back. There’s also an optional drift compensation steering feature available for all Pilot models (except the LX), which automatically adjusts to changing road conditions which could cause the vehicle to drift from side to side. Another factor to help with handling and stability is the width between the wheels (track). The Pilot’s track is 2.2 inches wider in the rear and 2.4 inches wider in the front than on the Durango.

A Huge Advantage In The Long Run

Aside from being spacious and easy to handle, the Pilot has ergonomic and economic advantages as well. Safely connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth through the vehicle’s systems; you’ll be able to use the stereo and hand controls to place calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel or diverting your attention from the road. This feature costs extra on the Durango but comes standard on the Pilot. Other cost-saving aspects of this Honda include cheaper insurance, maintenance costs, and repairs. Typical repairs for the Pilot run about $208 less for front struts, $55 less for front brake pads, and $507 less for a timing belt.

So with more room, control of the road, and money saved, what’s not to like about the 2019 Honda Pilot in League City, TX? If you want to learn more information about this SUV, visit us this weekend for a test-drive at Honda of Clear Lake. We’ll see you soon!