A Superhero in its Class - The 2019 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake vs the Toyota 4-Runner

With the power to protect and speed to impress, you would think we’re talking about a superhero...but not exactly. Today, we’re talking about the 2019 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake, and why this vehicle is a better choice than the Toyota 4-Runner. So as you’re reading, remember, it’s not a bird or a plane...it’s a Honda Pilot.

There is a slew of safety features found within the Pilot that the 4-Runner can’t keep up with, but we narrowed down that long list to the top four. Along with a Collision Mitigation Braking System to warn the driver of possible collisions, the Pilot also comes standard with Adaptive Cruise Control, which can change the vehicles speed without the driver lifting a finger. This allows the driver to coast smoothly without having to disengage cruise control every time there’s a slight shift in speed. If the Pilot senses an inattentive driver, it can gently nudge the vehicle back into its lane if it starts to drift, thanks to the lane departure warning system. Overall, the Honda Pilot not only comes with safety features to prevent injuries in an accident, but it hosts features to ultimately prevent accidents all together! The Toyota 4-Runner can’t do that, because it doesn’t have any of the features we mentioned above.

With great power comes great responsibility, and we’ve already mentioned how responsible the Pilot is with its safety features...so let’s get into the power part, shall we? According to Car and Driver*, the Pilot is much faster than the 4Runner, due to it’s 3.5 SOHC V6 engine cranking out 280 horsepower versus Toyota’s 270. This Honda can go from zero to sixty in a mere six seconds and can reach a speed of 94 miles per hour in a quarter mile; that’s enough power to make any thrill seeker happy. Another aspect to the “responsible” part of this great power, is the Pilot’s incredible fuel economy:




3.5 V6/9-spd. Auto

20 city/27 hwy*

17 city/21 hwy*

4.0 V6/Auto


3.5 V6/9-spd. Auto

19 city/26 hwy*

17 city/20 hwy*

4.0 V6/Auto

To further improve fuel efficiency, the Pilot has a system that can shut down half of the engine’s cylinders as well as completely turn off when the vehicle comes to a stop. This reduces pollution while saving fuel; once you’re ready to start moving again, the engine will automatically kick back on and have you moving right away. Another cool feature that reduces pollution is the standard cap-less fueling system, which automatically opens and closes when the fuel nozzle is inserted or removed to minimize fuel evaporation.

There are so many other features of the 2019 Honda Pilot in Clear Lake to test-out, like the remote vehicle starting system, automatic dimming high-beams, and many more. So visit us today for a test-drive. We’ll see you soon!

*Based on 2012-2019 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, battery-pack age/condition, and other factors.

*Car and Driver