Comparing The 2019 Honda Ridgeline in Clear Lake Against The 2019 Toyota Tacoma

When you need an all-purpose pickup truck that can handle any lifestyle, then turn to the 2019 Honda Ridgeline in Clear Lake. This truck is loaded with incredible safety features and ingenuity, to where you can have all of the power and technology with no sacrifices. When we put it against the 2019 Toyota Tacoma, it was interesting to see just how different these two trucks were.

When talking about safety, we go in-depth past all of the basic features and head right to the good stuff. To better protect those in the passenger compartment, the Ridgeline utilizes a three-dimensional high-strength frame to provide extra protection. The Tacoma only offers a body-on-frame design, which has no additional frame members above the vehicle’s floor. The Ridgeline also has an optional full-time four-wheel drive to provide added traction in all driving conditions, but the Tacoma only offers this system when you go off-road.

If you upgrade to the RTL-E or Black Edition, you can enjoy additional safety features like parking sensors that alert the driver of objects behind and in front of them and HondaLink Assist. This feature uses GPS and a cellular system to alert emergency personnel of your location if you’re ever in an accident where the airbags deploy. The Tacoma doesn’t offer parking sensors in the front of the truck, and it most definitely doesn’t provide a GPS response system, so help won’t come as quickly if you’re in an accident and unable to call for help.

Riding in a pickup can be daunting if the truck doesn’t have an adequate suspension and handling system, but fortunately for you, the Ridgeline exceeds expectations in this department. The Ridgeline as a fully independent front and rear suspension for superior ride and handling. This system allows you to follow the road more closely without sacrificing comfort. Still, the Tacoma only has a non-independent rear suspension system with a solid rear axle, so it might be a little bumpy in the Toyota. These separate suspension systems also utilize coil springs, which compress more progressively for a smoother ride with better handling and control.

There are more features on the 2019 Honda Ridgeline in Clear Lake to brag about, like a remote vehicle starting system, memory seats and mirrors, and a heated steering wheel! So give us a call to set up a test-drive at Honda of Clear Lake, and experience all of these fantastic features first hand. We look forward to hearing from you!